Student Life at BNUT


Collegiate Management

Collegiate management is an active Babol Noshirvani University of Technology that receives great attention. Based on determining policies from the university, this management is responsible for programing, monitoring, and implementing welfare services (such as nourishment, dormitory, loan, insurance etc.), sports services, health services, and consultation for both Iranian and international students.


Amusement centers near the university (sea, forest, river, cinema, ...)

From geographical, climate, and natural attraction points of view, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology has located in a suitable place close to city and district services. From the north, the university and its dormitories, are 20Km away (28min driving) from the Caspian Sea, and from the south, it is 40Km away (50min driving) to Babol’s forest. Also, the Babol river, which is close to the city center and university is another natural attractive place in this city.

Babol has two cinemas, known as Azadi and Art and Experience Cinema. The former is located in Modares Street and the latter is in Noshirvani Street. Furthermore, Babol has two Amphitheatre saloons, the first one is in Modares Street known as Kanoon Imam Khomeini and the other one, Helal Ahmar Complex, is around Velayat square. Babol has two amusement parks, Noshirvani Park in Shaid Beheshti Street and Shahid Shokri Park in Noshirvani Street. These parks are 3 Km away from each other with an approximate driving time of 10 min. Also, Babol has several shopping centers for buying clothes and home appliances and there are various bazaars for fulfilling citizens daily needs.


Accommodation services

 It is important for Babol Noshirvani University of Technology to provide proper places for students to live with welfare services. These dormitories are allocated based on priority for new students. Also, the university tries to provide a good atmosphere for students in order to keep their bodies, souls, and minds healthy. The university offers students the opportunity to learn how to live in an academic atmosphere and how to accept individual responsibilities as a part of group life. Dormitories are separated into sections, i.e. males and females. There are three complexes for the accommodation of university students two of which were allocated for females and one of them (includes three blocks) for males. Based on rules set by the ministry of research and higher education of Iran, the university offers foreign students single rooms for the sake of their convenience. The following table shows the university dormitories and their capacities.


Name of dormitory






800 (3 blocks)

Mosalla St.




South gate of University




Moddares St. -In front of Makan alley



The university dormitories are equipped with closed-circuit cameras, security services, gym, library, TV saloon, prayer room, barberry, and laundry and computer site. Moreover, free wifi is available for students on all campuses. The dorm allocated to boys has one football field, a ping-pong saloon, and one artificial grass field.


Health, Treatment and Consultation Services

Health care and medical treatment are two important issues that play a major role in creating a dynamic academic society. The health, treatment, and consultation center is located inside the university that has one physician and medical staff for visiting and curing students and one well-equipped dentistry center. This center also has physiotherapy and clinical consultants that help the students to be hectic and even more important, there are medical consultants in this center who are always ready to serve the university students.


Nourishment Service

Babol Noshirvani University of Technology has two self-service complexes with different quality and a buffet with a full and diverse menu. These complexes serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to students. High diversity and good quality of foods are the salient features of the university self-services. Food reservations by internet and online payment are the other advantages of these complexes.