Cultural and Social Activities

Cultural and Social Management

Based on the comprehensive bylaw of university management, cultural and social management is responsible for policymaking, setting regulation, programming, and implementation of all cultural and social affairs for students, staff, and faculty members.


Aims and Duties

1- Announcement of all enactments, regulations, disciplines from the university president to related sub-departments; investigation and monitoring on its implementation.

2- Codifying all enactments and instructions related to duties of cultural management in order to recommend them for approval.

3- Preparing regular and justified reports about duties of sections which are supervised by cultural and social deputy.

4- Recommending qualified candidates to the university president for management positions in sub-sections.

5- Monitoring on related sub-sections to assure accurate fulfillment of their duties.

6- Programming, regulation of activities, and proposing an annual budget for related management according to the university priorities.

7- Collaboration with other managements to implement the university's overall programs.


Explanation of General Duties

1- Leadership and monitoring on all cultural affairs of the university at the level of faculty members, students, and staff based on related enactments, regulations, and collaboration with related sub-sectors.

2- Reconciliation and implementation of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution policies and developing Islamic introductions and cultures.

3- Monitoring of cultural, educational, social issues of the university and also strategic planning to make policies for cultural activities.

4- Creating connections and cooperation with Islamic cultural centers, institutes, and intellectuals.

5- Planning for the development of cultural, social, and moral training through holding training classes, seminars, and cultural and intellectual gatherings using all available potentials and Islamic elements.

6- Persuading university students to attend scientific, social, and cultural events.

7- Emphasizing the propagation of conversation and dialog environment in the university and developing relations between academic staff and scientific, cultural, and social experts.

8- Management of all affairs related to the university social and cultural council, facilitating the enactments of plans, proposing required programs, and tracking duties of sub-sections.

9- Announcement of enactments, disciplines and regulations related to different sections inside and outside of the university with the aim of making coordination and supervision regarding their implementation, and presenting an evaluation report to the university social and cultural council.


Collegiate Press

Currently, there are 34 collegiate journals in university, of which 13 journals are private, 10 of them are scientific (related to scientific collegiate association), 5 of them are cultural (related to cultural collegiate association), 6 of them are related to collegiate groups and 1 of them is related to student guild council.


Collegiate Society

1- Scientific Association of Math

2- Scientific Association of Science and Technology

3- Scientific association of Architecture

4- Scientific Association of Electrical Engineering

5- Scientific Association of Chemical Engineering

6- Scientific Association of Industrial Engineering

7- Scientific Association of Civil Engineering

8- Scientific Association of Computer Engineering

9- Scientific Association of Mechanical Engineering

10- Scientific Association of Material Engineering

11- Scientific Association of Nanotechnology

12- Scientific Association of Astronomy

13- Scientific Association of Topography

14- Scientific Association of Aerospace

15- Permanent secretariat of Robotic competition

16- Secretariat Concrete competition

Currently, there are 19 active cultural and social associations in the university, such as Noshirvani Charity, Poet and Literature, Film and theatre, Mountain Climbing, Environment, and etc.